You’ll be working different interval timings. Our Studio we have a wide range of equipment including assault bikes, rowing machines, sleds and kettlebells. Under the watchful eyes of our trainers, your form on all stations will be perfected and performed at 100% effort.


Strong workouts are great for women who want to progress with there weight training and for those who want to learn how to lift weights properly, weight training for women will help strengthen your entire body, improve your posture improve your overall body composition and most of all, it improves your confidence. No cardio in this class.


Workouts are great for Women who love circuit training, this is class is full body workout and it is a combination of weights and cardio machines that get your heart rate up.


This class focuses on the lower body, this highly targeted class will get you lifting heavier and give you a tight butt. Anything from goblet squats, weighted lunges, hip thrusts and deadlifts, booty bands.

These are our class times (the program changes weekly and is updated every Sunday). Class times may change seasonally. 

Monday 5.15am 6.05am 9.10am 4.20pm
Tuesday 5.20am 6.05am 9.10am 4.15pm
Wednesday 5.15am 6.05am 9.10am 4.20pm
Thursday 5.20am 6.05am 9.10am 4.15pm
Friday 5.15am 6.05am 9.10am
Saturday 5.55am 7.15am (alternating between two times each week please check timetable)

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